Second Public Hearing on Master Plan Final Drafts

The Planning Board will hold a second public hearing to consider the finalized 2018 Hoboken Master Plan Reexamination Report and 2018 Land Use Element at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 25 at the Multi-Service Center, located at 124 Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030.   

The City of Hoboken would like to thank all of the residents and stakeholders that came out to the June 11 Public Hearing of the Planning Board to voice their comments on the draft 2018 Master Plan Reexamination Report and draft 2018 Land Use Element. BFJ Planning, the City’s Planning Consultant on this project, gave a detailed presentation describing the nearly year-long planning process and major components of each plan. Immediately following this presentation, meeting attendees lined up to offer their comments. 

Following the June 11 public hearing, the draft plans have been updated and revised and are available for public review here: http://masterplan-cityofhoboken.opendata.arcgis.comRevisions to the plans since the June 11th public hearing are highlighted throughout the documents so that changes are easy to locate.

At the June 25th public hearing, the Planning Board will present a summary of the changes that were made to the Draft Plans. Meeting attendees will then be invited to offer comments on those changes.

Mayor Bhalla Recognizes 2018 Hoboken Green Businesses

At the 7th Annual Green Fair Mayor Bhalla recognized the following businesses as 2018 Hoboken Green Businesses:

  • Aether Game Café
  • Avocado Green Mattress
  • Bareburger of Hoboken
  • Carpathian Industries
  • Choc O Pain French Bakery & Café of Hoboken
  • Christina Andersen Floral Design
  • Hoby Dogy Pet Care
  • Little City Books
  • Mint Market
  • My Conscience, My Choice LLC
  • Nurturing Life Acupuncture & Wellness PA
  • Organic Basic Food LLC
  • Pilsener Haus & Biergarten
  • Simply Juiced
  • Smushed Organics
  • Sobsey’s Produce (soon to be Ma’s Gourmet Market)
  • Sports Acupuncture & Family Wellness
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • The Little Grocery Uptown
  • Urban Consign & Design

“As we all know, environmental protection is key to Hoboken’s protection from the effects of climate change,” said Bhalla. “I’m proud of each one of these businesses for doing their part to ensure Hoboken’s future.”

The Hoboken Green Team launched the Green Business Recognition Program in 2017 to distinguish local businesses that are advancing sustainability and environmental responsibility. In order to qualify for the Green Business Recognition Program, 25 businesses completed the Green Business Pledge on the Hoboken Green Team website. The Hoboken Green Team reviewed each pledge submission and determined that 20 businesses qualify for recognition as 2018 Hoboken Green Businesses.

To learn more about these Green Businesses, visit

Mayor Bhalla (bottom left) and Councilman Jim Doyle (top left) with representatives of some of the 2018 Green Businesses.

For more information about the Hoboken Green Business Recognition Program, please visit, follow the Green Team on Facebook @HobokenGreenTeam and on Instagram @Hoboken_Green.

Hoboken Residents Sound Off On New York Waterway’s Plans For The Waterfront

Hoboken residents are worried about New York Waterway’s plans for the Union Dry Dock property, and they’re making their voices heard in a new video.

They’re encouraging their fellow residents to speak out about the negative impacts of having a ferry repair and refueling station right next to children’s playgrounds and homes. Their simple message: Help us, Governor Murphy.

The Army Corps of Engineers will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, July 18 from 6-9 p.m. in the DeBaun Auditorium at Stevens Institute (24 5th Street). The hearing is a chance for the public to express their views on New York Waterway’s permit application to turn the Union Dry Dock property into a diesel depot.

Residents can also contact Governor Murphy’s office at (609) 292-6000 and ask him to help. New Jersey Transit had previously planned to buy the property and lease it to New York Waterway in an attempt to block Hoboken from purchasing the land at market value through the open process of eminent domain.

Donate here to help us spread the word about the need to save our waterfront!

Hoboken Green Team to Host 7th Annual Green Fair on Saturday

The City of Hoboken Green Team will host the 7th Annual Green Fair on Saturday, June 16, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Church Square Park.
The event will feature more than 30 vendors of eco-friendly wares and organic food, plus live music. It is intended to introduce sustainable lifestyle choices to the community, raise awareness regarding environmental issues, and demonstrate how consumers can reduce their impact on the earth by selecting sustainable products and services.
Mayor Bhalla will recognize 20 local businesses as 2018 Hoboken Green Businesses at 1:00 p.m. at the Church Square Park Gazebo.
GreenDrop will collect gently used clothing, toys, sports equipment, and household items to donate to the American Red Cross. Look for the GreenDrop truck parked on 5th Street in front of the Hoboken Public Library. For more information on what items can be donated, visit 

Mayor Bhalla Announces Public Hearing on Union Dry Dock

Hoboken Mayor Ravinder S. Bhalla announced Thursday that the Army Corps of Engineers will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, July 18 from 6-9 p.m. in the DeBaun Auditorium at Stevens Institute (24 5th Street). The hearing is a chance for the public to express their views on New York Waterway’s permit application to turn the Union Dry Dock property into a diesel depot.

“For months, we’ve been asking for a chance for Hoboken residents to express their concerns at a time and location convenient for them,” said Bhalla. “Finally, our request has been granted. I now encourage everyone to come out and let your voice be heard. Don’t let New York Waterway silence you.”

Everyone will be given an opportunity to express their views, and any person may speak on their own behalf or be represented by someone else. Each speaker will be limited to three minutes, but lengthier testimonies may be submitted in writing.

The hearing will be reported verbatim, and a transcript will be available to the public at the end of the comment period. The notice of the public hearing can be found here.

City of Hoboken Seeking Input from Dog Owners

The City of Hoboken is calling on all Hoboken dog owners to participate in a survey about dog runs. The results will help inform the City about what residents want out of the designs and functions of a future dog park, to be located at 2nd & Hudson.
Residents have until June 18 to submit their responses here.
“This is one of many initiatives my Administration is pursuing to reduce the amount of pet waste on our sidewalks.  I encourage every dog owner to take a moment provide your input,” said Hoboken Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “Let us know what you need for your pets that you’re not getting from the other locations.”
The survey asks questions about what residents like and don’t like about existing dog runs and how frequently dog owners use the parks, among other topics.
Following the results of the survey, a public meeting will take place June 21 with a public hearing on June 25. The plans for the dog run will go before the City Council for approval on July 11.

Southwest Resiliency Park Given Award for Innovation and Sustainability

The City of Hoboken has been awarded for its resiliency efforts by the US Green Building Council New Jersey Chapter in a ceremony last month. City Planner Chris Brown (pictured below with Jessica Ford of USGBC NJ) accepted the Innovation and Sustainability Best Practices Award, which recognized the role of Southwest Resiliency Park and its impact on Hoboken.

“I am extremely proud of the great work our city planners and contractors are doing to protect our city from natural disasters,” said Hoboken Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “This award is a testament to the years of work they’ve put in since Hurricane Sandy and the tangible impact their designs are already having on our city.”

The park had replaced a one-acre impervious parking lot and serves as a storm water retention system. According to a report from North Hudson Sewage Authority, the park is successfully capturing heavy rainfalls and is paying dividends in the form of flood damage mitigation.

The awards recognize companies and individuals that demonstrate outstanding achievement in green building and sustainability. The City of Hoboken was recognized with this award alongside Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects & Planners, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Dagher Engineering, and Suburban Consulting Engineers.

Southwest Resiliency Park is one of several sustainability efforts Hoboken has implemented in recent years. Learn more about work being done by Hoboken’s Green Team here.

Hoboken Announces Inaugural Waterfront Arts Gala

Mayor Bhalla on Wednesday announced Hoboken’s inaugural Waterfront Arts Gala to benefit the City’s Cultural Affairs trust and support the arts community in Hoboken. The Gala will take place on Monday, June 25 from 7-9 p.m. along the waterfront walkway on Sinatra Drive between 11th and 12th Streets.

“I am personally excited about this event and look forward to it taking place year after year,” said Hoboken Mayor Ravinder S. Bhalla. “Art is sadly not given the support it deserves, considering the role it plays in enriching our lives. I’m especially glad that this event will show off our beautiful waterfront while supporting public arts initiatives.”
Tickets to the gala are $100 and can be purchased at Each ticket comes with a VIP seat to the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra’s concert in Maxwell Place Park on June 28. The first 100 tickets sold also come with a voucher for two free tickets to a New Jersey Symphony Orchestra concert for the 2018/2019 season and two NJSO CD recordings.
The event will also include a silent auction. Cultural Affairs is not funded through the City budget and depends on events like the Gala to finance events like the annual Harvest Festival and Movies Under the Stars.
The Gala will be cocktail-style, with various sponsors providing food and beer, wine, and liquor tastings. They include:
  • Anthony Davids
  • Bwé Kafe
  • Del Frisco’s Grille
  • GFG Bakery Café
  • Halifax
  • Inserra Shop Rite
  • Karma Kafe
  • Leo’s Grandevous
  • Zafra
  • Giannone Wine & Liquor 
Attendees can enjoy beautiful art displays from the following galleries:
  • Alex Morales Atelier and Art Gallery
  • Barsky Gallery
  • Field Colony
  • hob’art cooperative gallery
  • Issyra Gallery
  • PROTO Gallery
  • Roig Collection

Thanks to the following businesses for their donations to the Silent Auction: Roig Collection, Liberty Science Center, Bliss Spa, Amanda’s Restaurant, Hoboken Farms, Muneca Mullins Vintage Stylist, Litzky Promotions, Christina Andersen Floral Design, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

The following item will be part of the Silent Auction at the Arts Gala on Monday June 25th.
“New Jersey Festival Orchestra” by Ricardo Roig
Limited Edition of 15 Hand Cut Screen Prints on Black Paper
24” x 15” , 2013, Archival Custom Frame, Retail Value $1,700

Mayor Bhalla Proposes Plastic Bag Ban and Rent Control Reforms

Hoboken Mayor Ravinder S. Bhalla is advocating strongly for two key ordinances being introduced at the City Council meeting on Wednesday.

 The first is a city-wide ban on single-use plastic bags. Bhalla had worked on the ordinance as a council member alongside Councilman Jim Doyle. The ordinance is now sponsored by Doyle and Councilman Michael Russo.

 “Single-use plastic bags are incredibly wasteful and destructive to our community and the environment,” said Bhalla. “The US wastes hundreds of billions of these bags every year. This ban is a reasonable way we as Hobokenites can do our part to cut down on litter and pollution.”

 On average, an individual uses 500 single-use plastic bags each year.

 If passed, the ordinance would ban retailers from bagging groceries and goods into single-use plastic bags, though plastic bags protecting produce, meat products, and newspapers would still be allowed. The ordinance would also apply a minimum fee of ten cents per paper bag used. In addition, retailers would be required to sell reusable bags for customers to be able to purchase if they wish.

 The second measure is an amendment to Hoboken’s Rent Control Ordinance that would close a major loophole being abused by landlords to raise tenant rents by hundreds of dollars. The loophole permitting this unconscionable practice is the ability to apply for a property tax surcharge using 1988 as the base year. The amendment will change the base year to 2014, minimizing the possible surcharge increase for renters, and also prohibit any surcharge from being implemented in the middle of a term of a lease.

 “I have had tenants with tears in their eyes, in fear of displacement, handing me property tax surcharge calculations that will make living in Hoboken unaffordable,” said Bhalla. “The purpose of rent control is to protect tenants. Period. I urge the City Council to advance this purpose by closing this loophole without further delays.”

 The ordinances will go through first readings on Wednesday, June 6. The second readings for potential passage of the ordinances are scheduled for Wednesday, June 20.

Mayor Bhalla Responds to Polling Place Issues

Hoboken Mayor Ravinder S. Bhalla was alerted to irregularities at multiple polling place locations throughout the City this morning and immediately contacted the Hudson County Board of Elections to remedy the situation. The Board of Elections informed the Mayor that any residents who were not able to vote at their normal location can cast a provisional ballot at any other location.

“It was disappointing to learn that so many issues arose on a routine primary election,” said Bhalla, “but I appreciate residents who wasted no time in bringing this to my attention and the Board for being responsive. The ability to vote in a free and fair election is of paramount importance in a democracy.”

One example, according to the Board, is the Sky Club polling location (700 1st St.), which opened three hours late at approximately 9 a.m. due to machine malfunctions.

If a voter does choose to cast a provisional ballot, they are advised, as a precaution, to submit their name to the Board so their vote can be flagged to ensure it is counted correctly. The Board can be reached at (201) 369-3435 or at

The Board should also be contacted for specific questions regarding which locations were affected and any other potential remedies. The Board, which oversees elections, informed the City they are exploring all remedies for disenfranchised voters.