Parking Towing & Boots

Per Hoboken City Code, vehicles parked in violation of posted signs and/or local ordinances may be summonsed, booted, and/or towed. If your vehicle has been booted, or if you believe your vehicle may have been towed, please follow the procedures below.

Booted Vehicles

If your vehicle has been booted, follow the instructions on the boot notice placed on your windshield.

  1. Call 1-877-835-3658
  2. Pay the fine over the phone*
  3. Enter the auto release code
  4. Return the boot to Garage “D” at 215 Hudson Street

* Please note that if you are physically unable to lift the boot, you may request assistance from City employees when making the phone call to release the boot.

Towed Vehicles

As a result of contracting law requirements and to provide redundancy and additional resources in cases of major storms, the City has transitioned to a rotating towing system as of November 1, 2012. The current towing contractors are: Mile Square Towing in Hoboken, New Jersey Towing in Jersey City, and Johns Main Towing in North Bergen. Vehicles will be towed by each of the three contractors on a rotating business to their respective locations.

The new procedures for retrieving a towed vehicle have been significantly simplified, eliminate multiple back and forth trips between the tow yard and Police Department, and uses a single point of payment. By providing a driver’s license, the registration and insurance information can be retrieved without the need for additional back and forth trips as was previously necessary.

If you believe your vehicle has been towed, please follow the following steps:

  1. Call (201) 653-1919 (Parking Utility) or 201-420-2100 (Police Department) to confirm your vehicle has been towed and the name/address of the tow yard.
  2. Present your drivers license to the tow yard.

Tow Yard(s)

Logan Towing
45 Lewis St
Jersey City, NJ

Johns Main Towing
1445 Union Turnpike
North Bergen, N.J. 07047
(201) 861-1654

New Jersey Towing
309 5th Street
Union City, NJ 07087
(201) 348-4642


Boot & Tow Refunds

Any individual may choose to contest a summons and boot/tow with the Hoboken Municipal Court. If a summons is contested in court, then individuals may subsequently request consideration by HPU’s Board of Reviews for a refund.  To begin this process, please complete a Tow/Boot Reimbursement form.