Temporary No Parking Signs

Temporary No Parking Signs (TNP) are for commercial vehicles involved in moving, construction activity, special events, or large deliveries. Residents or businesses can purchase TNP signs to reserve a specific on-street space in 4, 8, 12, and 24-hour increments according to the following pricing:

Time Cost (per sign per day)
4 Hours $10.00
8 Hours $15.00
12 Hours $30.00
24 Hours $40.00


TNP signs are sold Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4pm as well as Saturdays and certain holidays between 9am and 1pm. They can also be purchased online. Please note the following:

  • TNP signs can be sold only for commercial vehicles
  • TNP signs are sold with a 2 sign minimum. Purchaser must know how many feet the truck/trucks need. If they DO NOT know length, they must purchase a minimum of 3 signs.
  • Purchaser must know the Number (#) & Street address of where they want signs posted
  • Purchaser needs to know the date & time frame (start & end) that they want their signs to be in effect
  • Purchaser should assume that each sign provides approximately 12-15 ft per sign
  • In order to be enforceable, signs must be purchased at the Hoboken Parking Utility 72 hours in advance for non-metered locations, and 24 hour in advance for metered locations. If the signs are purchased online, they must be ordered at least 5 business days in advance.
  • If the address given to Customer Service Representative (CSR) is not a legal parking spot (i.e. driveways, fire hydrants, 25 ft from a crosswalk/intersection, handicap spot, etc) HPU officers will post signs at the closest location at their discretion
  • TNP signs CAN NOT be sold for locations located on private property
  • TNP signs DO NOT recuse vehicles from observing street cleaning regulations; if vehicles are parked during street cleaning times, they will be ticketed and be required to pay ticket
  • If contractors/individuals are requesting TNP signs for a dumpster, they must have a permit from Environmental Services with them at time of purchase; we need a copy of dumpster permit for our records. Address on dumpster permit and address and number of signs being requested must match exactly, especially when on narrow side streets (numbered). Generally Environmental Services requires that the contractor also purchase signs across the street of where the dumpster is actually being placed, reason being is emergency vehicles are not able to pass at this point in the street
  • When purchasing TNP signs for a dumpster the charge is only for the full day of the drop off and pick up days of the dumpster, UNLESS the dumpster will be in a metered location, which is charged for each day requested at the 12 hour rate
  • When purchasing TNP signs for a dumpster on side streets, the fee for signs across the street is at the 24 hour rate on a per day basis
  • Generally TNP signs for City construction and approved City functions or special events are at no charge; however, a special event permit with specific instructions must be presented at time of ordering signs
  • TNP sign purchases on Saturdays and holidays must be made at least one (1) week in advance of the desired posting time
  • Signs may not be purchased for personal vehicles
  • City is not responsible if address provided by purchaser is incorrect. If the individual/contractor moves the location of the signs, they are no longer enforceable and no refund will be issued.