Curb Color Descriptions

Nearly all on-street parking in Hoboken is subject to regulation.  To clarify where Hoboken residents and visitors may and may not park, the Department of Transportation and Parking is upgrading corner curb markings using the following color legend.  These indications are provided for informational purposes only and are not required by local or state law; the city does its best to maintain curb markings by makes no claim that all locations are marked.  It should be noted that state statutes supersede all markings; when in doubt, defer to state laws:

 Red Painted Curb : Parking prohibited at all times (Emergency/Municipal Response Vehicles Excepted).  All other vehicles subject to towing.

 Yellow Painted Curb : Parking prohibited except for certain times/purposes (i.e. loading, extended parking, etc. be sure to know the restrictions before parking in these areas). All other vehicles subject to towing. See extended parking rules for details.

 Green Painted Curb : Parking reserved for Corner Cars (car-sharing) vehicles only. All other vehicles subject to towing.

 Blue Painted Curb : Parking reserved for Handicapped permits only. Note: many handicapped spaces are reserved for a specific vehicle. Please observe posted signs. All other vehicles subject to towing.

 White/No Painted Curb : Parking restricted by meter/permit regulations (be sure to know local/state laws and meter/permit regulations before parking in these areas).