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City Auditor Clarifies Surplus Issues
Due to confusion that was created by Council President Mason�s letter to constituents, the City asked for clarification from the City�s auditor regarding the budget surplus.

The letter speaks for itself, and in the interest of ensuring a full understanding of this issue, the public is strongly urged to read the auditor�s letter in its entirety to understand the full facts regarding Hoboken�s surplus and the manner it is legally permitted and fiscally appropriate to be used.

The letter can be viewed on the City website:

Zimmer Administration Explains Public Process For Introduction Of 2010 Transition Year Budget

Mayor Dawn Zimmer will address the City Council Wednesday evening, September 1, 2010, to present the Transition Year 2010 budget.

A �yes� vote for the introduction of the budget by the City Council does not represent approval of the budget, but rather a willingness to accept the budget as a starting point to begin its work. After introduction of the budget, the City Council has the statutory responsibility to review, amend as needed, and ultimately adopt the budget.

Budget workshops are currently scheduled for Monday, September 13th and Wednesday, September 22nd from 6pm to 10pm. Directors and the Police and Fire Chiefs will be prepared to present their budgets and answer the Council�s questions.

City Council Terminates Agreement To Sell Garage To Protect Financial Interests Of Hoboken

City Hall

Last night, the City Council voted 5-3 to terminate an agreement with SHG Hoboken Urban Renewal Associates, LLC, (SHG), an affiliate of the S. Hekemian Group, to sell the municipal garage property after carefully deliberating the issue in closed session for nearly 4 hours. The decision was made necessary by a series of deliberate and threatened actions by Hekemian which began immediately after their demand to significantly reduce the effective purchase price was rejected by the City in June.�Their actions clearly demonstrated that the developer had no intention of closing despite their public statements to the contrary.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announces appointment of new Business Administrator

City Hall
Marking a critical turning point for the City of Hoboken, Mayor Dawn Zimmer today announced the appointment of a Business Administrator, a critical step toward the end of state fiscal control.

“I’m very excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Arch Liston for Business Administrator,” said Mayor Zimmer. “I’m confident his exceptional record and experience will be a valuable asset to our City.”

Mr. Liston currently serves as Business Administrator for the City of Bridgeton and was previously the Township Manager for Mount Holly. He brings a 25 year public safety record, including serving as police chief of the Mount Holly Police Department.