April, 2017

Tenant Advocate Office Hours for April through June

The City of Hoboken is announcing office hours for a tenant advocate for any Hoboken resident seeking advice on housing matters. Andrew Sobel, Esq. will be available during office hours, by appointment, between the hours of 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm on Thursday, April 27th, May 11th, May 25th, June 8th, and June 22nd.

Any Hoboken resident wishing to attend the office hours must email ( or call (973-874-5545) Mr. Sobel’s office in advance and provide a description of the issue to be discussed in order to schedule an appointment.

The location for the open office hours will be the basement conference room in City Hall at 94 Washington Street.

Hoboken Police Department Receives Vehicle for Emergency Services Unit

Mayor Zimmer, Chief Ferrante, Business Administrator Marks and the ESU Team and vehicles

This week the Hoboken Police Department received delivery of an Emergency Response Truck for the department’s first-ever Emergency Services Unit (ESU) which launched on January 1st, 2017. The vehicle and specialized equipment, which cost nearly $190,000, was purchased at no cost to Hoboken taxpayers using the Local Law Enforcement Trust Fund.

“The City of Hoboken is safer today thanks to the highly-trained and specially-equipped elite Emergency Services Unit which is prepared to handle every type of situation,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I thank and congratulate Chief Ferrante and all members of the Hoboken Police Department on this tremendous accomplishment and for their work every day to keep our residents and visitors safe.”

The ESU Team is comprised of 11 tactical officers with extensive specialized training including active shooter response, rescue drills, firearms training, SWAT, and emergency medical responder school, as well as two crisis negotiators. All the training has been performed to national standards.

“While this unit is trained to handle worst-case scenarios, they are on patrol every day responding to every type of emergency call including motor vehicle crashes with injuries, medical calls, burglaries, robberies, fights, emotionally disturbed persons, rescue calls, weapons calls, and dangerous animal calls, just to name a few,” said Police Chief Ken Ferrante. “If the unfortunate event ever occurs involving an active shooter, barricaded suspect, or a terrorism incident, this unit has been trained and is ready to handle all kinds of scenarios.”

The ESU vehicle is equipped with flood lights, basic medical equipment including oxygen, breaching equipment, rescue ropes, ladders, ballistic shields, saws, basic fire suppression equipment, and high capacity weapons.

“In addition to the tactical officers, we have also trained a Lieutenant and a Sergeant in crisis negotiations so that we can diffuse high-risk situations before having to possibly use force, which is always the last case option,” added Chief Ferrante.

The ESU Team consists of Commander Lt. Corrado Allegretta, Sgt. Cesar Olivarria, Sgt. David Olivera, and Officers William Bullock, Luke Zeszotarski, Tyrone Huggins, Wilfredo Gomez, James Barbro, Nate Arocho, Ramon Calderon, and David DiMartino. The crisis negotiators are Lt. Anthony Pasculli and Sgt. Steven Kranz.

“There are so many people to thank who played a role in making this team come together including Mayor Zimmer, Business Administrator Marks, the City Council, my three Captains, Charles Campbell, Dan Lobue and Tory Pasculli, Lt. John Miskulin who helped with identifying funding, Lt. Corrado Allegretta, Det. Anthony Caruso, Det. Alex Gonzalez, and Det. Charles Kucz, retired Officers Robert Truppner and Walter Wehrhahn, and Union City Police Chief Rich Molinari and their ESU Commander Capt. Brian Wolpert,” added Chief Ferrante.

Hoboken Residents Invited to 2nd Annual Propelify Innovation Festival

The City of Hoboken is proud to welcome back the Propelify Innovation Festival on the Hoboken waterfront. Last year over 8,000 attendees from around the tri-state united in Hoboken for a day advancing innovation and technology.

“The City of Hoboken is a great home to innovators including, eMazzanti, GovPilot,, Stevens Institute of Technology, the NJ Tech Meetup, and more,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We’re excited to welcome back the Propelify community and bring this opportunity to our residents to learn more about tech companies and perhaps even find a new career.”

As a sponsor and host city, the City of Hoboken is offering residents preferred pricing. Residents can use code hoboken07030 for 75% off a limited number of tickets.

Here’s what you can expect at Propelify on May 18th:

  • 40+ speakers across 2 stages
  • Onsite tech recruiting from (on a ferris wheel!)
  • Investor Speed Dating
  • Startup Competition with prizes including $10K in cash and more
  • Drone Races
  • Startup/Tech Exhibitors
  • Lounges from Alley, wework, Jet
  • VR Theater by Samsung
  • Food, drinks, music, and more

See the full program at: Use code hoboken07030 to receive 75% off.

“I’m proud to bring the tech ecosystem of the Northeast to Hoboken,” said Aaron Price, a Hoboken resident and founder of Propelify and the NJ Tech Meetup. “Our beautiful and convenient city is a perfect place to unite the tech, startup, and corporate innovation community. We all know how hard it is to convince New Yorkers to cross the river in our direction! I’m thrilled that we welcomed thousands from NJ, NY, and even 41 other states and 10 countries to our hometown for the Innovation Festival last year. It’s an honor to collaborate with the Mayor and the City to show off the mile square for Propelify again.”

As Propelify’s motto states, idle ideas don’t fly. Let’s propel Hoboken!

Mayor Zimmer Dedicates Joan R. Abel Memorial Rain Garden at City Hall

Mayor Dawn Zimmer joined family members of Joan Abel, elected officials, and members of the community to dedicate The Joan R. Abel Memorial Rain Garden at Hoboken City Hall this morning.

“Joan was the perfect example of a citizen who committed herself to making her community a better place,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “This rain garden was her vision and today we are dedicating it to honor her memory.”

Joan Abel was born July 11, 1943 in Jersey City and made Hoboken her home in 1980. She expressed her love for Hoboken by advocating for local historic preservation and environmental causes. In 2012, Joan developed a plan to capture stormwater runoff around City Hall. Although Ms. Abel passed away before seeing her plan realized, the legacy of her advocacy lives on in Hoboken’s built environment, including at the rain garden at City Hall.

A rain garden is a landscaped feature that captures rainfall and snowmelt and allows stormwater to be collected and seep naturally and slowly into the ground. This helps prevent stormwater run-off and localized flooding, as well as sewer overflows into the Hudson River. Rain gardens make the community more attractive and improve the quality of the local environment.

The rain garden is part of the Hoboken City Hall Sustainable Stormwater Demonstration project, which is designed to retain all rainwater that falls on City Hall during a 25-year storm and prevent it from contributing to flooding. The project includes four 1,200 gallon above-ground rainwater tanks (cisterns), more than 1,000 square feet of rain gardens, 100 square yards of pervious concrete sidewalk, raised planter beds, and a green wall. The aim of the project is to set an example for other city blocks for how to reduce the amount of stormwater runoff that enters the combined sewer system.

Hoboken on Track for Resilient & Reliable Energy System With $175 Million PSE&G Project

Tonight the City Council will vote on a $175 Million PSE&G project that will combine the Marshall Street substation with the Madison Street substation and elevate and modernize the substation with the most reliable technology. Both of these substations are over 50 years old and are at risk from flooding. PSE&G has already invested $130 million to upgrade and elevate Hoboken’s 16th Street substation, and the Madison Street substation project will complete efforts to bring Hoboken’s entire energy system to 21st century resiliency and reliability standards.

“This project will ensure that all Hoboken residents, including our most in need residents in the Housing Authority, have reliable electricity for lights and heat through future severe storm events and other emergencies,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “All of our residents and our business community need reliable energy, and this project will make certain that we never again have to endure weeks without lights or heat like we did during Sandy. I have also advocated strongly for an innovative design for the substation, and I want to thank PSE&G for continuing to work with the City to create a design that integrates with our urban landscape and replaces the unattractive substations surrounded by chain link fences and barbed wire. With the Council’s support, this vital project will start construction this summer and when completed, will ensure a resilient and reliable energy source for our entire City.”

The project would include a land swap through which the City would transfer the lot adjacent to the existing Madison Street Substation to PSE&G in exchange for PSE&G transferring the Marshall Street Substation property to the City. PSE&G would also make a payment of $1.245 million to the City to compensate for the difference in the appraised value of the properties as well as an annual “loss of use” payment of $275,250 until PSE&G has completed the decommissioning and remediation of the Marshall Street Substation property.

View memos to the City Council for additional project information:

Hoboken Fire Department Responds to Monroe Street Fire

Update: All streets have reopened to traffic. 

Update: The fire is under control and all residents evacuated safely. 

The Hoboken Fire Department is on the scene of a fire near 64 Monroe Street. Monroe Street is closed from 1st St to Observer Hwy and Observer Hwy is closed from Madison St to Monroe St. Commuters are urged to avoid the area. 

Discolored Water In Hoboken – Update

Please see the update below from Suez Water:

Due to infrastructure maintenance on the Jersey City water aqueduct a week ago, SUEZ experienced an unusual amount of discolored water and sediment throughout the City of Hoboken.  SUEZ continues to work around the clock throughout the City addressing complaints of sediment and discolored water over the course of this week.

In response to additional issues, we have dispatched a dozen emergency crew members from across our northern New Jersey operations to flush any remaining sediment from the water system.  Flushing the City’s network overnight is expected to resolve the remaining issues that a few customers have been experiencing. Flushing removes harmless minerals and sediment that collect in the water mains and helps to ensure high water quality.

In addition to the infrastructure work done throughout the City this week, we have performed water quality testing and sampling, and have performed investigations with SUEZ personnel as well as local plumbers.

If you are experiencing discolored water, we ask you to open all faucets and run your tap water until it is clear.  There is no time limit on how long the process may take.

If you have been experiencing sediment for some period of time in your water, please contact customer service at 800-422-0241 for further investigation.  If you have already contacted SUEZ this week, please know we are keeping track of all reports to ensure positive resolution.

This is a unique situation to us all. We truly care for our customers and the communities we serve.  Our priority is to eliminate any pockets of sediment that still remain within the water system.  We thank you for your patience as we work through this issue together.



What Caused This Situation?

As a result of routine maintenance performed on the Jersey City aqueduct on Thursday April 6, sediment disruption occurred in several pipelines and has resulted in cloudy and discolored water for several customers across Jersey City and Hoboken.  Hoboken’s water comes from Jersey City.

What’s Being Done to Fix It?  

SUEZ crews have been actively addressing the situation by dispatching investigators to locations that have reported continued issues. Investigators have flushed pipelines to clear out the harmless sediment. Additionally, SUEZ crews are utilizing advanced water quality meters and location based technology to identify addresses that are still experiencing cloudy or discolored water. When flushing occurs, customers may temporarily experience low water pressure or discolored water.

What Can I Do To Fix It?

If you are a resident of a building still experiencing discolored water, inquire with your building manager to see whether your buildings pipes have been flushed. If they have and the issue is still occurring, please reach out to SUEZ via Twitter, Facebook or by phone: 800-422-0241.

Southwest Traffic Circulation Improvement Plan

Last week, the City Council voted 9-0 on first reading on an ordinance to implement the Southwest Traffic Circulation plan. The plan would improve connectivity for vehicular traffic between Hoboken, Jersey City, and Union City, improve pedestrian safety in an area that is seeing more businesses, more residents, and soon, a new park, and result in a net increase in on-street parking spaces. A second reading of the ordinance will be held at the next Council meeting. Highlights of the plan, which based on Synchro and SimTraffic models of future traffic volumes is estimated to reduce traffic delays by more than 25 percent, include:

  • Opening up Jackson Street to two lanes by removing on-street parking and the bicycle lane.
  • Creating safe pedestrian access to the Southwest Park, businesses, and residences in the area while improving traffic flow by adding new traffic signals at Jackson Street at Observer Highway, Harrison Street at Observer Highway, and Madison Street at Observer Highway.
  • Fixing the gridlock at Monroe Street and Observer Highway that affects the entire southwest area. The three-way intersection of Monroe Street, Observer Highway, and Paterson Avenue requires longer traffic signal cycle lengths, creating significant traffic backups. By converting Paterson Avenue to one-way westbound between Monroe Street and Harrison Street, the intersection is simplified and allows for adding 20% more green time for Monroe Street and Observer Highway. This recommendation from the Hoboken-Jersey City Subregional Connectivity Study commissioned by Hudson County and funded by the NJTPA in 2011 was confirmed with traffic modeling by Hoboken’s engineer.
  • Opening Madison Street to create more options for entering Hoboken. The addition of a second turning lane on Madison Street between Newark Street and Observer Highway and allowing vehicles to go left, right, or straight from Madison Street by removing the existing bollards, will create a new option for entering Hoboken and greatly reduce vehicular volumes turning onto Jackson Street.
  • Converting the Jersey Avenue/Newark Street gateway into Hoboken from two to four lanes to improve circulation into and out of Hoboken, adding a dedicated right turn lane from Harrison Street onto Newark Street, and creating a second lane on Harrison Street for traffic turning east onto Observer Highway.
  • Optimizing the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail signal at the intersection of Paterson Avenue and Marshall Street to improve coordination with other southwest traffic signals and reduce delays caused by light rail crossings.
  • Adding parking along the south side of Paterson Avenue and west side of Jackson Street will help buffer the Southwest Park from traffic.

Discolored Water Update from Suez Water

Suez Water has issued the following update:

As an update, SUEZ continues to actively flush areas throughout Hoboken and Jersey City to resolve all discolored water issues.  In an effort to combat the ongoing issue, we ask that you conduct the following internal steps.  Please remove aerators from all faucets and run the water for at least one full hour.  We also ask that you to check all in-line house filters as well.  If discolored water still appears after running the water for at least an hour, please contact the SUEZ office for your town. Hoboken customers should call 800-422-0141 and Jersey City customers should call 800-575-4433 for further investigation.

We do understand the inconvenience this may cause within your daily life and sincerely apologize.  We thank you for your patience as we work to resolve the  matter.

Hoboken Launches Expanded Fitness in the Parks Series for 2017

The Fitness in the Park series takes place four nights a week starting April 19th and through the end of September, providing a free sample of what the local fitness studios have to offer. This year the program has been expanded due to high demand.


Mondays: Fitness at Pier A Park
Tuesdays: Yoga at Pier A Park
Wednesdays: Fitness Under the Viaduct
Thursdays: Yoga & Pilates at Maxwell Place Park

Wear sneakers and loose-fit clothing. Bring water and a mat, if needed. In case of rain, class may be cancelled. Call the fitness studio for more information.


Fitness at Pier A Park on Mondays
1st St. & Frank Sinatra Drive
May – Aug: 7pm to 8pm
Sept: 6:30pm to 7:30pm


May 1 – Power Flow Yoga – All levels. A challenging & invigorating style of yoga. Expect to move, stretch & sweat in this powerful and playful yoga class.
If rain, class cancelled, Call: 201-533-9642;


May 8 – Devotion Yoga Flow  – Devotion Yoga Flow: A solid, light-hearted class filled with creative sequencing. An open-hearted, uplifting, playful, exploration of movement.  All levels. In case of rain call 201-610-9642;


May 15 – Pavana Yoga – Sunset Flow: All levels. 201-683-6155;

May 22 – Power Flow Yoga Hoboken: A challenging & invigorating style of yoga.Expect to move, stretch & sweat in this powerful and playful yoga class. All levels. 201-533-9642;

June 5 – Devotion Yoga Flow, See May 8th class description.

June 12 – CKO Kickboxing – CKO Fitness Kickboxing. Full-body, action-centered, fitness workout using real heavy bags.  973-271-4954

If rain, class held at 900 Madison St. Suite #2.;


June 19 – The Boss Chick Dance Workout. The Boss Chick Dance Workout. A ladies only hip hop dancehall aftrobeats twerkout dance fitness class. All levels & no dance experience necessary. Expect to burn 500-1000 Calories in a single class!  If rain, class held at SassyCap Dance N’ Fitness 38A Jackson St., Ste. 5. 925-698-2071;


June 26 – Asana Soul Practice – Open Soul Yoga Class:
Fluid, creative, soulful, vinyassa flow. All levels. If rain, class cancelled.


July 10 – Harmony Pilates. Open Level Pilates Mat Class. Focusing on mat work, which will leave you feeling stretched, refreshed & toned. Bring your own mat. If rain class will be held at studio. 201-653-3011;


July 17 – Real Hot Yoga: Vinyasa Flow. Strengthening & detoxifying
power yoga class. All levels. If rain, class cancelled. 201-222-1007;


July 24 – Brazen Athletics – CrossFit Willow
Try CrossFit – Test Your Fitness. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. If rain, class cancelled. 201-414-6262;


July 31 – The Hudson Yoga Project: Vinyasa Yoga.
Well rounded vinyasa class for all levels that links movement of the body with synchronized breathing. If rain, class cancelled. 201-850-1104;


Aug 7 – Zen Space. Open Level Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Begin to deepen you practice with this brisk paced class that will leave you invigorated & energized while at the same time calm your mind, body & soul. All levels.
If rain, class cancelled. 201-417-8077;


Aug 14 – Surya Yoga Academy: Flow in the Park. A Vinyasa based practice with flowing movements. Find your physical edge without going beyond your capabilities. All levels. If rain, class cancelled. 201-798-7498;


Aug 21 – Bachata & Barbells: High Frequency HIIT. Get your heart rate up, your muscles burning and your whole body worked in this mix of high intensity & circuit training class. If rain, call 908-358-2108;


Aug 28 – UFC Gym Hoboken: Boxing Conditioning. Basic boxing skills & techniques designed to increase muscular strength & cardio endurance. Boxing Conditioning will include cardio calisthenics, shadow boxing, and core strengthening exercises. 201-332-4269;


Sept 18 – Local Barre – Open Barre. All Levels. Our signature class, is a fusion of ballet fundamentals & core conditioning. Total body workout using lightly weighted yoga balls, stretching strap, ballet barre, playground ball & yoga mat. Sneakers required. If rain, call 201-710-5994;


Sept 25 – City Challenge. Join us for a fun and intense full body bootcamp
to help you prepare for the Hoboken City Challenge Race! If rain, call 201-659-3873;


Yoga at Pier A Park on Tuesdays
April – Aug: 7pm to 8pm
Sept: 6:30pm to 7:30pm


April 25 – Devotion Yoga Flow: Devotion Yoga Flow. All levels. A light-hearted, solid class filled with creative sequencing. An open-hearted, uplifting, playful, exploration of movement. In case of rain call 201-610-9642.


May 2 – Sarah Bond of One Hundred SkiesYoga Adventures: Creative sequencing linking breath & movements. 201-320-3864;


May 9 – Pavana Yoga: Pavana Flow. Open to all levels. If rain, class cancelled. 201-683-6155;


May 16 – The Hudson Yoga Project: Vinyasa Yoga. Well rounded vinyasa class that links movement of the body with synchronized breathing. All levels. If rain, class cancelled. 201-850-1104;


May 23 – Power Flow Yoga – A challenging & invigorating style of yoga. Expect to move, stretch & sweat in this powerful and playful yoga class. All levels. If rain, class cancelled. 201-533-9642;


May 30 – Asana Soul Practice Open Soul Yoga Class:
Fluid, creative, soulful, vinyassa flow. All levels. If rain, class cancelled.


June 6 – Real Hot Yoga – Vinyasa Flow: Strengthening & detoxifying power yoga class. All levels. If rain, class cancelled. 201-222-1007;

June 13 – Pavana Yoga: See May 9th class for description

June 20 – Devotion Yoga Flow:  See April 25th class description.

June 27 – Surya Yoga Academy: See May 2nd class description.

July 11 – Power Flow Yoga:  See May 23rd class description.

July 18 – The Hudson Yoga Project: See May 16th class description.

July 25 – Real Hot Yoga: See June 6th class description.

Aug. 1 – Pavana Yoga: Pavana Flow: See June 9th class description.

Aug. 8 – Asana Soul Practice: See May 30th class description.

Aug. 15 – Devotion Yoga Flow: See April 25th class description.

Aug. 22 – Surya Yoga Academy: See May 2nd class description.

Aug. 29 – Devotion Yoga Flow: See April 25th for class description

Sept. 5 – The Hudson Yoga Project: See May 16th class description.

Sept. 12 – Power Flow Yoga: See May 23rd class description.

Sept. 19 – Devotion Yoga Flow: See April 25th class description.

Sept. 26 – The Hudson Yoga Project: See May 16th class description.


Fitness Under the Viaduct on Wednesdays
Located on 14th Street between Adams & Grand Streets
Across from the movie theatre
6:30pm to 7:30pm

April 19 – Yoga w/ Jessica
April 26 – Kure Pilates
May 3 – Pavana Yoga
May 10 – Brazen Athletics – Cross Fit Willow
May 17 – Real Hot Yoga
May 24 – The Boss Chick Dance Workout
May 31 – Local Barre
June 7 – CKO Kickboxing
June 14 – Harmony Pilates
June 21 – The Hudson Yoga Project
June 28 – UFC Gym
July 5 – Surya Yoga Academy
July 12 – The Hudson Yoga Project
July 19 – CKO Kickboxing
July 26 – Asana Soul Practice
Aug 2 – Real Hot Yoga
Aug 9 – Power Flow Yoga
Aug 16 – UFC Gym
Aug 23 – CKO Kickboxing
Aug 30 – ZenSpace Yoga
Sept 6 – Harmony Pilates
Sept 13 – ZenSpace – The Nia Technique
Sept 20 – City Challenge
Sept 27 – Local Barre

Yoga & Pilates at Maxwell Place Park on Thursdays

Sinatra Dr. North between 11th & 12th Streets
April – Aug: 7pm to 8pm
Sept: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

May 11 – Sarah Bond of One Hundred Skies Yoga Adventures: Creative sequencing linking breath & movements. 201-320-3864

May 4 – Devotion Yoga – Devotion Yoga Flow: A solid, light-hearted
class filled with creative sequencing. An open-hearted, uplifting, playful, exploration of movement. All levels.
In case of rain call 201-610-9642

May 11 – Sarah Bond of One Hundred Skies Yoga Adventures: All levels. A creative sequencing, linking breath & movement.  201 320 3864

May 18 – Power Flow Yoga:  A challenging & invigorating style of yoga.
Expect to move, stretch & sweat in this powerful and playful yoga class. All levels. If rain, class cancelled. 201-533-9642;

May 25 – Yoga w/Joe Brennan –  Hoboken Hatha Yoga: Stretch the body, regulate the breath and relax the mind. If rain, call 201-232-5256 or

June 1 – Kure Pilates: Body Integrity. Defined. Pilates Mat:
Move with intent & purpose. If rain, class cancelled. Call 201-222-0088;

June 8 – Kelly Naughton: ERYT 500HrCye Yoga: All level flow class
to concentrate your energy. If rain, class cancelled. 732-547-3040;

June 15 – Devotion Yoga, See May 4th class description.

June 22 – Asana Soul Practice: Open Soul Yoga Class. Fluid, creative, soulful, vinyasa flow. All levels. If rain, class cancelled. 201-792-5254;

June 29 – The Hudson Yoga Project – Vinyasa Yoga. Well rounded vinyasa class that links movement of the body with synchronized breathing.
All levels. If rain, class cancelled. 201-850-1104;

July 6 – Yoga w / Jessica Namit: Build strength, improve flexibility & relax! All levels. If rain, class canceled. 201-898-5156;

July 13 – Real Hot Yoga – Vinyasa Flow: Strengthening & detoxifying
power yoga class. All levels. If rain, class cancelled. 201-222-1007;

July 20 – Yoga w / Jessica Namit, See July 6th class description.

July 27- The Hudson Yoga Project, See June 29th class description.

August 3 – Harmony Pilates: Open Level Pilates Mat Class: Focusing on
mat work, which will leave you feeling stretched, refreshed & toned. All levels.
If rain, class will be held at the studio. 201-653-3011;

August 10 – Kelly Naughton, See June 8th class description.

Aug 17 – Devotion Yoga,  See May 4th class description.

Aug 24 – Surya Yoga Academy: Flow in the Park: A Vinyasa based practice with flowing movements. Find your physical edge without going beyond your capabilities. All levels.  201-798-7498

Aug. 31 – Surya Yoga Academy, See Aug. 24th. class description.