August, 2011

Mayor Zimmer Appoints Public Safety Director and Acting Environmental Services Director

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced today that she is appointing Jon L. Tooke as Director of Public Safety and Leslie Shenkler as acting Director of Environmental Services.

�So many people deserve recognition for the response to Hurricane Irene, but I also want to thank Jon Tooke, who I am appointing Director of Public Safety,� said Mayor Zimmer. �Jon wasn�t scheduled to begin for a few weeks, but he answered the call to help when we needed it most. He caught a flight back from Washington so he could start working on Saturday just as Irene was about to hit, and I think he has done an excellent job so far at keeping our community safe. It is extremely important that we effectively integrate emergency services between Police, Fire, EMS and OEM in a way that maximizes efficiency and public safety, and Jon has the background and experience to make that happen.�

Mayor Zimmer Thanks Community for Response to Irene

�I want to say thank you to everyone,� said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. �While the flooding was not as severe as we had expected, this was a major storm, and everyone worked together to ensure that no one was seriously hurt in Hoboken. Most importantly, I thank the community for heeding the calls to evacuate, going to shelters, being prepared, and moving thousands of cars off the street. By being proactive together as a community, we helped protect the lives of residents.�

�The flooding is over, the state of emergency has been lifted, power has been restored almost everywhere and the cleanup effort will continue this week,� added Mayor Zimmer. �Over the next few days and weeks, we will be providing updates on the cleanup effort and the potential for assistance from FEMA. As a community, we worked together to weather a very significant storm, and there are so many people who deserve our thanks and recognition for their efforts including the Hoboken Police and Fire Departments, Office of Emergency Management, the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Environmental Services, Parking Utility, my directors and staff, Stevens Institute of Technology and Stevens volunteers, Hoboken University Medical Center, North Hudson Sewerage Authority, PSE&G, Red Cross, Senator Stack and his OEM/CERT, Mayors Gonnelli, Turner and Roque, Hudson County, the State of New Jersey, Governor Christie and his team, and the NJ National Guard for all that they have done.�

Volunteers Available to Help Pump Water Out of Homes

Volunteers from the nonprofit H.E.A.R.T. 9/11 are in Hoboken to help residents whose homes still have flooding. They have a few pumps and generators available. Priority will be given to the elderly and disabled, and they will work to help as many as possible. Please call the Mayor’s Office if you or a neighbor needs help: 201-420-2018.

Information on Cleanup Efforts

The City of Hoboken is focusing on cleaning up after the recent storm. Environmental Services crews are collecting the largest pieces of debris and trash while the Fire Department is hosing down sludge. The Parks division is cleaning parks and working to clear fallen trees. Street cleaning is taking place where it is needed most. While residents are asked to respect street cleaning rules so that cleaning can take place, enforcement of those rules will not occur on Monday since residents who may have evacuated are not able to move their vehicles.

Garbage pickup will take place on Monday night. In addition, on Monday and Tuesday night the City will pick up sandbags and damaged furniture or household items that are placed on the curb. Residents may also bring items (no construction material) directly to the municipal garage. Dumpsters at the garage will be available until 8pm every night until Friday, September 2. The entrance to the garage is on Willow Avenue between Newark Street and Observer Highway.

Residents May Return to Hoboken; Suggested Waiting Until At Least Sunday Evening


  • The City of Hoboken will be OPEN and fully staffed on Monday, August 29th. The Emergency Operations Center will close on Monday at 10am.
  • Garbage pickup will resume on Monday.
  • Residents who would like to volunteer with cleaning up parks of fallen branches, leaves and debris are asked to meet at Church Square Park at 11am on Monday.
  • To dispose of sand bags, call 201-420-2385. Provide your address, and the City will pick them up.
  • Information on protecting yourself from mold after a disaster.

Residents may return to Hoboken, however, thousands of homes are still without power and flooding is widespread, so it is suggested that they wait until at least 6pm on Sunday. Due to flooding, a very large number of streets are inaccessible and barricaded. Flood waters may not recede for many hours. It is unknown when power will be restored.

�It�s business as usual in at least half of Hoboken,� said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. �I thank all the residents who heeded the call to evacuate and ask that they strongly consider waiting before returning to flooded areas.�

Urgent Update for Hoboken Residents
Residents are very strongly urged to completely stay off streets. Live electrical wires are down in flooded areas and electrocution is possible. Do not walk your dogs.

Especially dangerous conditions exist along the waterfront, where the high tide and storm surge may cause the Hudson River to rise over the walkway.

According to PSE&G, an estimated 8,800 Hoboken residents will soon lose power. We urge residents to charge phones, fill bathtub, sinks, and pots with water. Turn refrigerators to the coldest setting and keep them closed.

Phone lines in the Fire Department are currently down and not operational. For emergencies, call 911. For information and less urgent matters, please call the Emergency Operations Center at 201-239-6643/6644. Fire Department communications should be restored shortly. An update will be provided.

Storm Update

As of 7:00am, driving of personal vehicles is still not permitted in Hoboken.

At this time, flooding has occurred at:
� Willow Ave from Newark St to 1st St
� Newart St from Bloomfield St to Park Ave
� Park Ave from Observer Hwy to Newark St
� Madison St from 9th St to 11th St
� 10th St & Monroe St
� 1st St from Marshall St to Harrison St
� 9th St from Monroe St to Madison St
� 6th St from Monroe St to Jackson St

High tide will occur around 8:15am, rain is expected to continue, and flooding may worsen.

Trees were reported down on power lines at 6th & Jefferson and 5th & Grand. Power outages are reported along 5th Street from Adams to Jefferson and at 501 Marshall.

The shelter at the Wallace School, 1100 Willow Avenue, remains open. All 52 residents initially in the shelter were relocated to the Izod Center as a precaution. After an additional 13 residents appeared at the shelter, they were also bused to the Izod Shelter.

150 Free Additional Parking Spaces Now Available in Midtown Garage – First Come, First Served

Due to the evacuation of Hoboken University Medical Center, the Parking Utility has an additional 150 free parking spaces for Hoboken residents with valid parking permits in the Midtown garage. Availability is first come, first served. The entrance is on 4th between Clinton & Grand. Please take your car off the streets and evacuate now.

Mandatory Evacuation of all Ground Floor Units in Hoboken

Mayor Zimmer is issuing a mandatory evacuation order for all ground floor units in Hoboken.

For residents who are unable to leave Hoboken, a shelter is open at the Wallace School at 1100 Willow Avenue. Residents should bring blankets, pillows and sleeping bags. Designated bus pickup locations will are at 3rd and Jackson, 1st and Bloomfield, 5th and Willow, and 12th and Hudson. Buses will pick up residents at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm and transport them to the Wallace School.

All licensed alcohol establishments in Hoboken must stop serving alcohol by 8pm. Driving of personal vehicles, including taxis will also be prohibited after 8pm. All PATH and NJ Transit rail service will be terminated at noon today.

Residents with questions can call the Emergency Command Center at 201-239-6643/6644. It is open 24/7. Call 911 for emergencies and 201-420-2100 for the Police and 201-420-2005/2007 for the Fire if you have any problems with 911.

Bars Must Close & Driving Prohibited After 8PM on Saturday


Police Chief Falco is ordering that licensed alcohol establishments in Hoboken stop serving alcohol by 8pm on Saturday, August 27. Driving of personal vehicles, including taxis will also be prohibited after 8pm. All PATH and NJ Transit rail service will be terminated at noon on Saturday.

Residents are reminded to evacuate Hoboken as soon as possible and not underestimate Hurricane Irene. Flooding can be very widespread and severe. The City has declared a state of emergency.

For those who are unable to leave, a shelter will be available at the Wallace School at 1100 Willow Avenue of 9am on Saturday. Residents should bring blankets, pillows and sleeping bags. Designated bus pickup locations will be at 3rd and Jackson, 1st and Bloomfield, 5th and Willow, and 12th and Hudson. Buses will pick up residents at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm and transport them to the Wallace School.