March, 2011

Reminder: Traffic Calming, Pedestrian Safety & Transportation Community Meeting Tonight

Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs will host a community meeting tonight, March 29th, to introduce Hoboken�s �Traffic Calming Toolkit� and address pedestrian safety and transportation issues. The meeting will begin at 7pm in the basement floor conference room of City Hall, 94 Washington Street.

City of Hoboken To Host Spring Arts & Music Festival

Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the City of Hoboken are proud to host the Spring Arts & Music Festival on Sunday, May 1st (rain or shine) from 11am and 6pm. Admission is free.

The fair will take place on Washington Street between Observer Highway and 7th Street and will include over 300 artists, sculptors, photographers and craftspeople as well as rides, games, face painting, local businesses, restaurants, food vendors and much more.

Three stages of live music will feature performances by Ian Hunter (of the Mott the Hoople) & the Rant Band, The Baseball Project (featuring Peter Buck & Scott McCaughey of REM and Steve Wynn of The Dream Syndicate), Bern & the Brights, Davey & the Trainwreck, The Fuzzy Lemons, and much much more.

A special Kids Zone on 3rd Street in the Capital One parking lot will include performances, rides, games, face painting and more.

Located just 3 blocks from all public transportation: PATH, NJ Transit Trains & buses,
NY Waterway Ferries & the Hudson Bergen Light Rail. Visitors are strongly urged to take public transportation.

Click here for the full performance schedule and additional details.

City Auditor Clarifies Surplus Issues
Due to confusion that was created by Council President Mason�s letter to constituents, the City asked for clarification from the City�s auditor regarding the budget surplus.

The letter speaks for itself, and in the interest of ensuring a full understanding of this issue, the public is strongly urged to read the auditor�s letter in its entirety to understand the full facts regarding Hoboken�s surplus and the manner it is legally permitted and fiscally appropriate to be used.

The letter can be viewed on the City website:

Hoboken Launches Live “Temporary No Parking” Map And Text Service

Temporary No Parking Map
Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced the beta launch of new software that will allow residents the ability to check online or on their cell phones to see if they are parked in a temporary no parking area. The software is still undergoing additional testing.

�We’re zeroing in on a solution to one of the most frustrating aspects of parking in Hoboken,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. �By posting active and upcoming Temporary No Parking signs online in real-time, we�re moving towards ending the days of returning to your car only to discover it’s been towed.�

The live Temporary No Parking map is available on the City website at

Traffic Calming Measures Reduce Average Speeds On 15th Street Below 20MPH

Community Meeting Rescheduled For March 29

The City of Hoboken announced today that it has successfully piloted the “Your Speed Is” radar sign system as the latest addition to its “Traffic Calming Toolkit,” which is planned for introduction to the community at a public meeting. The meeting will be hosted by Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs on March 29th from 7-9pm in the basement floor conference room of City Hall, 94 Washington Street.

The signs are the latest in a series of measures implemented at this location, resulting in average vehicle speeds of less than 20 mph. Installed on 15th Street between Garden and Park Streets, the sign was positioned to address resident concerns about eastbound speeding along this corridor. The signs are the next step in a series of proof-of-concept measures that have been piloted along 15th Street and subsequently added to the Toolkit.

Hoboken University Medical Center Receives $4.1 Million In Stabilization Funding
Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority are pleased to announce receipt of $4.1 million in hospital stabilization funds for Fiscal Year 2011.

�We advocated strongly for this funding in order to enable Hoboken University Medical Center to continue to provide access to quality healthcare as we pursue the transfer of the hospital to private ownership,� said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. �The Hospital Authority and I thank Governor Christie and Health Commissioner Alaigh for this critical funding.�

Hoboken “Hop” Community Bus Shuttle System Exceeds 50,000 Passengers

50% Ridership Increase in 6 Months
The Department of Transportation and Parking announced today that the Hoboken Hop community shuttle bus system recently surpassed 50,000 passengers since re-inception of the program by Mayor Dawn Zimmer in Fall 2009. Since mid-August 2010, the Blue Hop has been joined by the Green and Red Hops for a comprehensive city-wide system, providing shuttle service within a 5-minute walk of nearly every Hoboken resident.

�Thousands of residents in all corners of the city are finding The Hop easy and convenient for getting around Hoboken,� said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. �I am happy we are able to provide this service to our residents who deserve high-quality community transportation options.�

Over the past six months, system ridership has increase by 51 percent, with hundreds of passengers riding The Hop buses every day, including students, seniors, commuters, parents, and city employees. Several larger buildings have even found The Hop as an economical alternative to the high cost of exclusive shuttle services. Since the implementation of the new Hop system, nearly four times as many residents have benefited from shuttle services compared to the Crosstown Shuttle.

City To Hold Community Meeting On Newark Street Safety Improvements

Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs will host a community meeting on Wednesday March 23 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Rue School gymnaisum, 301 Garden Street, to involve residents in the process of improving safety along Newark Street.

The City of Hoboken has $240,000 in federal funding for improving safety along Newark Street between River Street and Washington Street. The funding, which was secured by Senator Robert Menendez, was awarded in 2009, and due to the time-sensitive nature of the funds, community input is critical to moving forward with the project.

On July 19, 2010, the City held the first community meeting to get initial public input. The word cloud above highlights the feedback from that meeting.

Parking Utility Expands Customer Service Hours To Saturdays And Holidays

Hoboken Parking Utility Customer Service

The Hoboken Parking Utility is expanding its customer service hours to Saturdays and most government holidays. Effective Saturday, March 19, the Parking Utility will be open on Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm as well as on government holidays except for New Year�s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

�We�ve received multiple requests, so I�m very pleased that we are now able to improve customer service hours to match residents� busy lives,� said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

The Parking Utility, which is located in the ground floor of City Hall, 94 Washington Street, is also open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 9:30pm.

Pedestrian Safety Meeting Postponed

Bike and Pedestrian crashes
The pedestrian safety community meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, 2011 from 7-9pm at the Rue School gymnasium will be postponed to a future date.

There is a notice in the print version of the Hoboken Reporter about another meeting taking its place, but that meeting is also cancelled.